Vita was tested by the most talented, skill-full and helpful group of sewists in the community. I literally cannot thank them enough for their honest and constructive criticism and help to bring this pattern to life. 

I had it done in a open group on Slack, which by the way I had never used before – but it all turned out to be a very enjoyable experience, I cannot wait to repeat! I want to thank Lisa who showed me how it worked and how I could keep things organised.


Let me tell you shirring is not difficult! You just need to take sometime to set up the machine, but is totally doable. Most testers figured out shirring rather quickly, some already knew it but hadn’t practised for sometime and some learnt it by making the pattern.

The most complex part of the pattern was on how to attach the neckband to the neckline! Yeah, there is a way to do it and I would highly recommend watching it here and for more Vita tutorials here.

The last week of testing is literally the best week! What were just bits of fabrics now start taking the shape and the most beautiful pictures start to come in. You girls have no idea how happy you made my days!

View A

Alyssa made the view A, in this stunning deep green fabric. These pictures will truly take your breath away, she made Vita almost as gorgeous as she is! Alyssa also added inseam pockets.


View B

The super talented Eva made it in a sheer fabric and altered the sleeves bottom part from the view A&C -  in case you are wondering, the cuffs are not interchangeable, to change the cuff you need to remove or add length, which was what Eva did in her version.     

The super creative and lovely Giulia made the view B with the back bow closure. How pretty is this version in a baby blue?

How beautifully stylish Louise looks in her Vita! 

The sweet Lisa used an ex-duvet cover to make Vita, that is such a great idea! The shirring looks perfect!

Vesna started her Vita dress as a toile, it turned out that the fabric was perfect for the pattern, but she didn't have enough to make the skirt. She managed to get hold of the same print, but the new fabric was not the exact same shade. Imagine having to do all the shirring again! Lucky us because it was the perfect fabric. 


View C

The beautiful Pauline had a break from making face masks to create this super chic version. 


Andrea is one of the most stylish sewists out there; this version has both drape and the perfect shoulder structure and she looks even more beautiful in it.

Allison made Vita in this beautiful gingham version from a fabric swap - I love it when pattern testing allows testers to go through their fabric stash.


What is there not to love about Bobby’s Vita? The perfect light-weight cotton for the pattern, the shirring is perfect and she looks so cute!

Anyone who follows Sharlene knows she loves a big statement sleeve! It looks so beautiful in this light-weight silky fabric.

View D

The super elegant Jenny made Vita in a beautiful drapey crepe.

The talented Hannah made Vita in this beautiful crepe fabric. I love the idea of wearing Vita with high waist trousers, so chic!

I love that Renata made the shirred parts of the pattern really stand out. She also vlogged about it on her Youtube channel.


It was such a pleasure to have Victoria testing Vita, she really gives life and joy to any pattern. I love how she styled Vita! 

 The super sweet Alison made Vita in this beautiful printed cotton.

You’ve got to love Chloe’s Vita, she made it in this beautiful drapey viscose with the back bow closure. 

Last but not least we have Cathrin. She made the blouse for her super cute sister in the most exquisite vintage fabric. Isn’t it perfection?

Just a quick reminder, to test our patterns you are not required to share pretty pictures or even promote the pattern - I usually like to show the pattern before to potential testers so they know if they would like to make the garment.

That is it for now, hope you got inspired to make the Vita pattern. You can always check the hashtag #BlpVita for more beautiful versions. If you make the pattern please share the love by tagging us to your posts.

If you would like to be notified about pattern testing opportunities or new releases subscribe to out newsletter (or at the bottom of this page).

Happy sewing!

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It’s so much fun seeing all the versions in one place!! Everyone’s Vitas are beautiful!


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