In addition to the very detailed instructions booklet for the Vita pattern, I want to make sure you are covered on how to sew the most challenging parts of this pattern and we need to start by how to shirr.

This may surprise you but I wind my bobbin by machine, in fact that’s how I have always done it. I learnt shirring back in the early 2000’s from my mum as a kid who could not even install an invisible zip. As a result, lots of my clothes had shirred panels in them. The way I learnt to shirr was to set the bobbin just like the regular thread, no mystery.

Just only recently while searching for some more information on shirring or even what to write about it, I realised that not many people in the sewing community were filling the bobbins like me, that is by machine. Instead, all I could find were articles and Youtube videos of other sewists showing how to wind it by hand - I found it all very strange.

I have absolutely zero experience with winding the bobbin by hand, but I can show you how I do by machine. To keep the tension in check, a word of advice at this point is that you shouldn’t be afraid of it: you will need it! Shirring elastic is not like regular thread, so you need to help the machine to create it, not only by having the right stitching length or tension but also the way you feed the fabric through the machine.

I don’t think in sewing there is a wrong or right way to make something, but as long as you reach the same final result I think everything is valid.


In the first video, I will show you how to create the shirring of the neckband and the same principle applies to other steps of the Vita pattern.



In the second video, I will show you how to attach the neckband - it may look a little challenging at first but there is a right and easier way to attach the neckband and I would highly recommend watching the video to anyone planning to make the pattern.

The instructions booklet goes through this step in great detail, but I think nothing beats the power of a video.



The final video in the series is on how to create and attach the cuff to the sleeve.

I hope these videos were useful and have helped you to make the Vita pattern.


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 Happy sewing!



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