Dear sewists I am back!

I am not much of a blogger I must say, but I would like to try to keep track of some of my makes, at least the ones I manage to get my husband to photograph - and he's generally terrible at it.


I have being generally very busy with my family move and same time trying to get my summer pattern ready. But as a result of it I was super stressed preparing this pattern so I decided to delay it for next spring and plan the patterns I will be launching further ahead - SO much work goes on getting one pattern ready that I don't want rush this one. 
I was not planning to make anything for myself this summer because I was so short of time. Until I saw the Lady McElroy cotton lawn called Fashion Focused OMG - what I beautiful print! It had everything I wanted, bold colours and a cool print that somewhat reminded me of the 80's (which I have being obsessed for a few years now!).
So the hunt began, but everywhere this fabric was sold out for my despair! - in some indie online shops were announcing it was going to restocked. So I kept an eye open while in my feed that print kept pooping up with some other amazing sewists who had managed to grab the fabric.
The initial plan was to draft a boxy shirt with collar stand and front patch pockets ( which by the way I still want). But I wouldn't have time for that, specially that considering that everything I do I need to make a toile. So why not to make a cropped #CologneBlouse with the view B sleeves? 
So that was enough to fill my imagination, since I had not yet made a printed version of this blouse I went a head. And Oh my god, It was the perfect marriage!
It was boxy the way I wanted, the only changes I made was to make the hem shorter, possibly by about 5 cm (2 inches) and finished it off with a wider hem - I love wide hem! 

The Pietra Shorts

You must have seen the new Closet Case Patterns Rome Collection - there are some very nice basics and "quick" to sew patterns. They are absolutely gorgeous.
I wanted to make everything for my holidays - like you would want - at first sight the Fiore skirt seemed perfect to pair with my printed Cologne, but I didn't have enough fabric. 
So I decided to make the Pietra shorts - I managed to squeeze it in 1 metre of 100% washed linen! and I must say I love this shorts they are perfect for the hot weather and I have being wearing it non-stop. 
I think I made size 4 but I had to take in quite a bit in the waist and hips, and it still loose, I think next time I also need to make the rise by about 2.5 cm (1 inch) shorter and just make size 2 instead 4 for a better fit at the waist.
My family moved to Lisbon where these pictures were taken. It was absolutely  super hot week, 33°C every day - I was often quite happy not to leave the house.
fashion focused cotton lawn
I bought mine at Lamazi Fabrics the delivery was super quick - and that is always a plus! - I will leave all the links of the shops that have Fashion Focused some of them is again sold out, but is always worth it the keep checking in case any of them restocks.

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