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Welcome to our first ever inspirational post! In the last blog post you were introduced to Bella Loves Pattern first design, the Cologne blouse. I am super excited to show you some of the inspiration behind the Cologne blouse.

Let's agree that the 80's are in fashion and so are big puff-sleeves, the bigger the better! But how to wear such a statement blouse without looking like you came straight from the 80’s or just a different century? 


If you want to have fun and make it more casual you have options like gingham, polka dots or a more traditional shirting fabric to give it a shirt look with a twist – you can also play with the direction of stripes on the sleeves, why not!


The obvious but still fun are solid colours, the details such as the pleats and cuffs will be more visible – I also love the idea of hacking The Cologne into a cropped version with waist darts or a organza version!


When I was searching through the endless rabbit hole of pinterest inspiration to make this post, I’ve found from casual outfits to more chic sophisticated ones, but what they all had in common is that they are paired with high waist bottoms. And that could be a casual ‘mom’ jeans to a more tailored pair of trousers or mid length skirts – I personally love it with high waist since it gives more balance to the volume at the top and the waist appears smaller.


As you can see Cologne is a very versatile blouse it can take you from a casual day to work and if you choose a more sophisticated fabric it can also take you to a fancy dinner.

It all depends on the fabric you choose and how you decide to style it. But the most important don’t be afraid to experiment and pair it with different bottoms.

You can get your Cologne blouse from our shop.

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